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Man charged with having gun on PCC campus is out of jail

The cafeteria where the suspect was seen with a gun. The cafeteria where the suspect was seen with a gun.
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A man arrested for having a gun on the Pima Community College East Campus Wednesday was out of jail on Thursday.

24-year-old Peter Velasquez was released to the supervision of Pima County Pretrial Services after a court appearance Thursday morning.

Officers arrested the 24-year-old after a campus cafeteria employee reported seeing him with a handgun.

College officials say no threats were made and the gun was not loaded.

Velasquez is not a PCC student.

No word on why he was on campus.

He's charged with weapon's misconduct and with possession of drugs and paraphernalia.

PCC says a quick-thinking worker and quick-acting campus police kept the incident from becoming much worse.

We also were told the incident was handled so quickly that student, faculty and others did not have to be sent texts via the PCC Alert system.

That system went online just a few months ago.

The college also is hiring more police officers as it works to enhance security and safety on PCC campuses.

Some of the changes are deceptively simple, but potentially life-saving.

For instance, classroom doors now have push-button locks on the inside.

They once locked only with a key.

The new locks make it easier for those in classrooms to "shelter in place" if there's danger.

The college has a police dispatch center running 24/7.

Officers roam or are assigned to campuses.

Pima College, like other schools across the country, has become serious about security in light of recent mass shootings.

PCC has brought in an outside security consultant.

"We brought in a consultant to come out here and take a look at how we handle security, how we operate, if we're doing things correctly, if we're set up properly. We're also doing some threat assessment analyses," says PCC Vice Chancellor for Operations Bill Ward.

He says he expects the report to be ready by the end of December or early next year.

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