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Today's Most: Man sleeps all night not realizing knife is stuck in his back

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TODAY'S MOST...Unbelievably Heavy Sleeper: A man slept for about 10 hours without realizing he had a knife stuck in his back. The man had gotten into a fight on his porch, but went to sleep like nothing was out of the ordinary. When he woke up, the 42-year old was in intense pain, and that's when his brother looked and found the knife sticking out of the man's back. The man went to the hospital to have the knife removed, but police say he was "very uncooperative" when they tried to interview him to get more information about the man who stabbed him. Apparently, the man was drinking when he went out on his porch for a cigarette, and then somehow got into an altercation with someone who asked for a light.

TODAY'S MOST...Yucky new bug: We apparently have a new cockroach in the United States, and it's impervious to cold weather. Scientists say the new bug came to New York City, probably when the city brought in foreign plants for a new tourist attraction. In the past it's only existed in Asia, but now it is here in the U.S. The good news is that scientists say it's not likely the roach will multiply rapidly because it will compete with other cockroaches already in the country. The bad news, the scientists say we do need to keep an eye on it.


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