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Let nature take its course with bighorn release

There are a number of us in Southern Arizona that are just plain dumbfounded when it comes to the bighorn sheep story.

As you know, the Arizona Game and Fish Department released about 30 sheep in the Santa Catalina Mountains last month. Then we found out two mountain lions were killed by state-sponsored hunters - after the lions did what mountain lions do killed prey in the mountains.  In this case, the lions killed two sheep.

I understand why Game and Fish wanted to re-introduce the species to the area.  It sounds like a great idea.

But doesn't it stand to reason that when you release the sheep into nature - that nature could take its course? 

And is it really up to the Game and Fish to decide who lives and who dies, and - when they will stop killing the mountain lions – to say when the herd is big enough? 

We say the state made the decision to release the sheep.  Now let nature decide what happens next.

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