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Today's Most Interesting Parenting: Plastic Surgeon Gives Both Daughters Breast Implants

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TODAY'S MOST...Interesting parenting: A plastic surgeon operated on both his daughters and gave them breast implants. The well-known surgeon in Orange County, California says he didn't pressure his daughters into getting boob jobs.  Dr. Michael Niccole says, "I don't think I influenced my daughters personally to have surgery, because we discourage it...but they have grown up in an environment of beauty. Our cars are always immaculate, our house is immaculate and all our friends are beautiful." Both sisters have had multiple procedures. This has created some questions and controversy about parenting, as well the question of if the dad be the one to operate on his own daughters. What do you think?

TODAY'S MOST...Wonderful example of what someone can do if given a chance: A homeless man came up with an app that's now available for both Apple and Android devices. The app aims to help the environment by helping users carpool to get where they're going. Leo Grand learned to program thanks to a young programmer who gave him a choice earlier this summer - $100 dollars on the spot or the chance to learn how to program. Leo, who became homeless after he was laid off from his job in 2011, decided to learn how to code. 


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