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Today's Most Brutal Mistake: College accidentally sends 2,500 students acceptance letters

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TODAY'S MOST...Brutal mistake: Imagine getting an e-mail saying you've been accepted to the college of your dreams, only to get another one hours later saying the first one was sent out as a mistake. That's exactly what happened to 2,500 students, thanks to a major mess-up by Fordham University in New York. Students who applied early to the school received financial aid letters which read, "Congratulations on your acceptance to Fordham University." But the school says those letters were sent by a third-party contractor, and they shouldn't have gone out. In actually, 500 students who go the e-mails were flat-out rejected, and 2,000 were deferred. So 2,000 do have a chance to end up at Fordham (if they still want to go).

TODAY'S MOST...X-rated surprise: A man rented Smurfs 2 at a Redbox location in California, but when he started watching the disc he realized it was actually porn. The disc looked legit in every possible way, even with a bar code on it. Redbox admits it's having problems with people dubbing porn onto the DVD's. The man says Redbox told him that it's working on a new program that might fix the problem next year, but he wants to know what the company's doing now. 


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