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Who will see a White Christmas?

Are you dreaming of a White Christmas?

Other than the very tops of the Sky Islands, Southern Arizona doesn't have a great chance of seeing snow on the ground for Christmas. 

In records dating back to the late 1890s, Tucson experienced a White Christmas only 4 times.

The last time was in 1987 when the city woke up to 2.6" of fresh snow on top of the inch of snow that fell on Christmas Eve.

For a complete look Tucson's Christmas numbers from the National Weather Service click here

Overall records for Christmas Day
Normal High 64 F   Record High 82 F in 1933
Normal Low 39 F Record Low 21 F in 1903
Normal rainfall 0.03" Record Rainfall  0.71" in 1944
Normals are from 1981-2010 period Record Snowfall 4.0" in 1916
Precipitation, at the official Tucson location, has been recorded 21 times on Christmas Day

Snow has occurred four times on Christmas Day (2.6" in 1987...Trace in 1974...4.0" in 1916 and 0.5" in 1911).

The image below shows the probability of a White Christmas for the nation.  

Much of the Rocky Mountains and associated ranges stretching into Canada are already covered with snow and will see a White Christmas.  

As of today, Monday December 23rd, nearly half of the nation has snow on the ground. 

The National Snow Analysis tracks snow on the ground.  

Comparing the image below to the image above, you can see much of the nation is matching the probability for a White Christmas. 

Plus another weekend storm sweeping across the nation will bring more snow to some areas.  

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