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Controversial Rosemont copper mine moves forward

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The controversial Rosemont Mine project is a step closer to reality as the U.S. Forest Service gave the project a preliminary green light.

After years of studies and controversy over whether to build a copper mine Southeast of Green Valley, Coronado National Forest Supervisor Jim Upchurch announced Monday the release of a draft record of decision saying, the project as it stands right now meets current law.

Although this is only a preliminary decision by the USFS, the company pushing for the mine says the draft record of decision now makes it easier to move forward.

Rosemont Copper Mine spokesman, Dan Ryan, says the release of the document will allow other federal agencies to proceed with permit requests.

However, opponents say that's not the case. Gayle Hartmann, who is against the project, says the environmental impact report recently released shows how destructive the project will be to natural resources and will make it difficult to get other federal permits required.

As far as the possible impacts on the environment, Ryan says, "we really haven't had the opportunity to scrutinize it, so I reserve comment until we can really dive into that and see it."

Beginning January 1, there will be a 45 day objection process where those involved in the process can weigh in.

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