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Responses to editorial about bighorn sheep release

Last week, our "Think About It" segment focused on the release of the bighorn sheep in the Santa Catalina Mountains and the Arizona Game and Fish Department's decision to kill two Mountain lions after a couple of sheep were killed. Our message was: The state made the decision to release the sheep now let nature decide who lives and dies.

Here's a sample of your responses:

Angela writes:  "Of course it IS the AZFG (sic) job to decide who lives and who dies. And they've done a darn good job of it overall by saving several species from the brink… Mountain Lions are doing quite well in AZ. Killing or moving a few isn't going to bother that species one bit."

But the majority of the responses agreed with me.

Dagmar writes:  "Your editorial was spot-on regarding the puma versus the brain-dead officials tragedy unfolding in Arizona. I feel so relieved and proud that someone had the nerve to talk openly on air, expressing an opinion about the problem."

And Wayne says: "What did Game and Fish officials think would happen when they introduced a food source into the mountain lions' habitat? The needless slaughter of the mountain lions was despicable (and in my opinion an act worthy of reprimand or criminal prosecution)."

The editorials are meant to increase discussion in our community.  Thank you to those of you that took the time to reach out to me. 

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