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Kennedy bust stolen from downtown Tucson Presidio

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

In this, the half century anniversary of President John Kennedy's assassination in Dallas, someone has stolen a bronze bust of the late president from the downtown Tucson Presidio.

The bust was dedicated one year to the day of his death, November 22, 1964.

Except for a brief time in 1971 when the Presidio was renovated, it's been in the same spot since.

It was sculpted by 76 year old Hardy Grant, former president of Tucson's Mensa club.

It hold special significance for many in Tucson, including the city manager.

"This is an act of vandalism that really hurts," he says.

There are nearly a half dozen surveillance cameras in the area however most of them were inoperable at the time of the theft.

According to the Parks Department, a city worker discovered the bust missing Monday morning. After a conference, the workers were sure it was still in place on Friday afternoon.

"I can say we'll be very aggressive looking for whomever stole it," Miranda says. "He meant so much to this country and this community."

Tucson musician Larry Loud says he "is appalled" someone would take it.

"I grew up in that era and I always said I would have voted for him if I could vote," he says. but I was 17 at the time."

No reward has been mentioned for its return as yet but the Tucson Democratic Party, which paid for the bust, sent out a press release condemning the theft.

"We sincerely hope those responsible will do the right thing and return the piece undamaged," the Party says.

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