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Today's Most Ridiculous Request: Man offers to trade alligator for 12-pack of beer at convenience store

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TODAY'S MOST...Ridiculous Request: A man walked into a convenience store in Florida and tried to trade a 4-foot alligator for a 12-pack of beer. The alligator was alive and in a cardboard box. 64-year old Fernando Aguilera says he didn't have any money, so he thought he could get the beer in exchange for the gator that he'd just caught at a local park. Wildlife officials who were called to the store cited Aguilera for illegally catching the alligator. He could face a maximum of six months in jail. He claims he didn't know it was illegal. He never got the beer.

TODAY'S MOST...Unbelievable Lego Construction: Two lego lovers who are huge fans of The Hobbit used 200,000 lego pieces to construct a part of the fictional land. They built a replica of Rivendell, which is the Elvish sanctuary. The project is 10 feet by 5 feet, and took them 2,500 hours to build. In order to try to get every detail right, they watched the movies over and over, and used concept art and a 3-D model. The two builders met at a Lego convention in Seattle a few years ago. 

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