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Fool for Love: Police catch wanted man by using on-line dating site

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TODAY'S MOST...Unhappy fool for love: Police in Richmond, Virginia found a wanted man by using an on-line dating site. Police couldn't find 24-year old Ryan Covington after he failed to appear in court on drug charges, but saw that he was registered on the on-line dating sight OKCupid. So, a policeman set up a fake on-line profile of a woman named Sasha and started chatting with Covington. After about a week, "Sasha" convinced him to meet at a diner for a "blind date." When Covington showed up, he was arrested. Police say this is the first time they ever used the on-line dating trick. I'm sure it won't be the last.

TODAY'S MOST...Absent-minded tourist: A tourist in Australia needed to be rescued because she walked right off a pier into the water. The reason she walked off the pier? She was paying too close attention to facebook on her smartphone and didn't realize the pier ended. A witness saw this happen and called police. Even though the tourist didn't know how to swim, she still made sure to keep hold of her phone while police came and got her on a speedboat. She did apologize. Check out how funny the news release is from the Victoria Police. 

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