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Burglary totals trending down approaching holiday season

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Many people are preparing to leave home for Christmas to visit loved ones and there are concerns about thieves breaking in.

New numbers might put residents at ease.

The rate of break-ins can spike during the holidays, so we asked the Tucson Police Burglary Unit to crunch the numbers.

The result is possibly a safer, more secure season than years past.

"It had been actually completely opened." University of Arizona student Tyler Cunningham came home after the Thanksgiving break to find thieves had ransacked his rental.

"We see the bedroom door kicked in, and just everything everywhere."

Tyler, who is also a musician, said the crooks made off with his guitars and recording equipment.

"Never getting your first guitar back- that's what hurt the most," he said.

A heartbreaking incident, but Tucson Police said burglary numbers are trending down this year. What they don't want to see is a spike like last year's, which sustained through the new year.

Tyler might be down to one six string, and while thieves busted door jams, they weren't able to rip a TV from the wall.

Tyler says he feels better about taking extra precautions.

"Definitely a false sense of security until it happens to you.  Now we have close ties with our neighbor and he'll keep a watch over the house.

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