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High school senior gives back to those in need

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

One local high school senior is spending her holiday break giving time and money back to those in need.

Haley Urban is a senior at Canyon Del Oro. Most of her fellow students may know her as one of the girls on the cheerleading squad, but what they don't know is that she is also a young philanthropist.

"When I was younger my parents used to take me and show me how blessed I really was," said Urban. "And how fortunate I really was and one day I realized how much I took everything for granted, such as food and a house over my head."

As soon as Urban received her driver's license, she began using money from her work paycheck and leftovers from holiday meals to feed the homeless.

"A couple of my girlfriends would pitch in and just by enough sandwiches, maybe like 50 or 60," said Urban. "It was just a good feeling, especially during the holidays."

This year, Urban is giving back in a big way. Word got around on Facebook that this senior has been helping the homeless during the holidays.

Groups have donated money, bread and even blankets for her to hand out.

"It's a good felling," said Urban. "The fact that people are just willing to help out so much is really awesome. It makes me happy that we live in a community like that."

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