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East Texas 6-year-old on a mission to help the Salvation Army


Nadia Threadgill of Longview is a small 6-year-old girl with a big heart.

She's on a mission to ring her bell and raise as much money as possible for one simple reason.

"To get a lot of money for the ones that don't have toys," said Nadia.

Nadia's mother Michele says Nadia loves to help others, and The Salvation Army is something Nadia has a passion for.

"I noticed when we went to other stores she would see the bell ringers and she would always have to give some money," said Michele. "It really excited her to the point where she started bringing a change purse with her to make sure she had enough money for them."

This little girl has done more than put money in the bucket to help bell ringers.

"She actually got hot chocolate by herself and brought it up to bell ringers," said Michele.

Nadia is only six, so her relatives have to take her to volunteer. They say her giving spirit is being passed on to them too.

"We've really enjoyed it, and one thing that's really incredible is how easy it is to volunteer and people don't realize that," said Michele. "People are like, 'You're doing this big thing,' and it's not."

"It's fun and it's sweet," said Nadia.

Walgreens employees in Tyler say her bell ringing is paying off.

"Everyone has been walking in with a smile today, laughing, and saying, 'Did you see the little girl outside? She's so cute,'" said Brett McCanally, a Walgreens employee. "Everyone's asking, 'Hey can you break this? Can I get cash back?' They all are trying to make sure they have enough pocket change to dump in the bin for the little girl."

This was Nadia's first time to ring the bell for The Salvation Army, and she has already signed up for her next bell ringing.

If you'd like to meet Nadia and donate to The Salvation Army with her, she'll be at the same Walgreens on Rieck Street in Tyler on Monday, December 23rd, from 6-8 that night.

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