Taking the heat

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Tucson, AZ (KOLD) - Starting with the Washington game, Wildcat senior QB B.J. Denker's struggles were exposed at times and the inconsistency carried over in the following weeks. The critics were out on in full effect after getting fat and happy off what Nick Foles and Matt Scott were able to do in recent history.

Denker not only managed to weather the storm with his coach in his corner, maybe by default, but he weathered the storm. He went wire to wire as the Zona starter with doubters seemingly questioning every move he made.

Denker's numbers aren't eye popping, but he thrived in the running game. It may have been the sole factor that allowed him to keep his job as he ad libbed through many tough spots in critical situations. Going into the Advocare bowl Denker has gained 898 yards on the ground.

His one and only season as Arizona's shotcaller is about to come to an end. Denker took time recently to refelect on going through the love hate relationship with the media and fans.