Holiday meal leftover ideas - sliders

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Looking for something interesting to do with those holiday leftovers?  Tired of the same old, same old?

Here are three good ideas from The Grill at Robson Quail Creek – and the good part – they are all made from leftovers.  A ham and dill pickle sliders, roast beef sliders and turkey salad pita points.

The recipes are as follows:

Dill Pickle Sliders

2 Cups small diced ham

1 Dill pickle small diced

½  Small red onion diced

¼ Cup small dice celery

1 Hard Boiled Egg diced

2 T. Dijon Mustard

1 tsp. Dill weed

¼ Cup Mayo

¼ Cup Sour Cream

Salt and Pepper to taste

Mini Croissants

Mix all ingredients in mixing bowl.  Serve with croissants.

Roast Beef Sliders

Thinly sliced roast beef

Chipotle-Horseradish Cream

Green Chiles

Pepper Jack cheese

Dinner Rolls

Turkey Salad Pita Points

3 Cups cooked and diced turkey

½ Cup diced celery

¼ Cup diced red onion

¼ Cup chopped pecans

1 Hard-boiled egg, diced

¼ Cup Dried Cranberries

2 T. Minced parsley

1 T. Lemon juice

2 T. Dijon

1.5 Cup Mayo

½ Cup Sour Cream

Salt and Pepper to taste

Cranberry Sauce


Place all ingredients in a mixing bowl.  Mix until incorporated.  Season salad to taste.  Spread cranberry sauce on pita and scoop turkey salad on top.

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