Mexican shoppers out in force

Morley Avenue in Nogales was shoulder to shoulder shoppers. Most of them carrying more than one bag of gifts and other items one supposes for Christmas.

"It's been a good day, a good day so far," says Bruce Bracker, co-owner of Bracker's Department Store on Morley Avenue.

One reason he believe is because the people can get from one side of the border more quickly these days.

"It used to take hours," says Roberto Lopez. "Now it takes 15 minutes."

Mexican shoppers can be the make it or break it for some stores.

"For us, 80% of our business comes from Mexico," Bracker says.

For Tucson, the numbers are not as stark but still large.

"50,000 people a day come to Arizona from Mexico, says Tim Vimmerstedt, marketing director for Visit Tucson.

That translates into nearly $3 billion in buying power?

He says a Mexican shopper who spends the night leaves $850 a day here.

While many of the shoppers come for days trips to buy at the outlet malls, Visit Tucson is trying to find ways to keep there here for a day or more.

Focusing on Tucson's attractions is one of those ways.

But for the Christmas season, some Tucson stores will see 10% of their annual revenue from Mexico.