After Christmas holiday sales start today

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The presents have beenopened, but the shopping is not over.  It'stime for the after Christmas holiday sales.

Retailers are now in arush to get rid of that leftover holiday stock. Some are opening up their doors early today in anticipation of shoppers.  Many of those shoppers are wondering whatkind of deep discounts they can find – for one – holiday decorations and two –clothing.

According to, prices are expected to beslashed up to 70 percent off.  Why?  It all goes back to Thanksgiving, since itfell later this year, it cut shopping time and many stores have been reportinglow sales.  So retailers are doingwhatever they can to entice shoppers.

The only downside to theseholiday sales - there may not be as big a selection to choose from.

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