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Christmas returns present an issue

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The day after Christmas can be as busy or busier for most department stores as the day before Christmas.

For shoppers, there are bargains on wrapping paper, cards and lights, generally half off.

For others it's a day to redeem the popular gift cards which can be stretched a bit further with some after Christmas deals.

For Terri Chimera, gift cards for the kids is a two-fer.

The kids can buy what they want and she can teach them a lesson.

"They have to budget how much they have and they have to make choices," she says.

"She tells us we can have this toy or we can have this toy," says nine year old Nick Chimera alluding the either or. "We have to make the right choice. We can't have both."

But when it comes to returns, the stores face a conundrum. They want the business but at the same time acknowledge return fraud can run into the billions of dollars.

On its web page, Target stores say "It's a fact. We change our minds. No problem."

That seemed to be the attitude as we watched customers return items for nearly two hours. No one was turned down and most people left to ago buy something else. 

Yolanda Newman came back with a cart full of Christmas lights and other decorations.

"Replacing some old ones but we're going all white now," she says.

Eve Murdiate says this is her first time shopping after Christmas but says "I might do it again. I got some really good deals."

For others, it a choice whether to return it or re-gift it.

Re-gifting sparks a variety of opinions.

"You might get caught," says Maureen Albert who says she would never re-gift.

"No, no never," Murdiate says. "If someone put a lot of thought into it, I think you should keep it."

"I've re-gifted before," says Chimera. "But I worry they might find out."

Allison Johnson was returning a pair of shoes that were not the right color.

The thought of re-gifting crossed her mind "but not this," she says. "But I have some other things at home that I might."

She laughs at the thought.

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