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Jail guard fires at robber suspect

Jail guard fires back at robber Jail guard fires back at robber
Police are investigating yet another case of a man at home shooting and wounding a robber.
So, we did some digging about citizens with guns taking back your streets.
We investigated how often is this happening? And what's happening to the citizens using deadly force taking back your streets.
The latest case police say a man with a gun tried to rob a guy as he went into his own house. The victim turned and shot the robber, grazing him in the head.
He ran off,  but he got arrested at the hospital.
We filed a request. What's happened in Cleveland cases this year that turned deadly with someone claiming self-defense?
One man cleared after shooting and killing a suspected robber. That happened in July on E. 178th. 
And, a landlord on E. 61st cleared after he killed a man. That incident happened in August. The landlord had been attacked by the man.
The city prosecutor still reviewing two other deaths in similar cases.
Homicide detectives still investigating what happened Wednesday night. Police say a homeowner shot and killed a robber and wounded his accomplice.
That accomplice is the only one facing charges.
Meantime, last year Miodrag Bugarcic shot and killed a suspected burglar and weeks later he wounded one in a separate case. Bugarcic was never charged.
But, back to the latest case, the suspected robber is locked up.
So, you see this kind of thing happens more often than you might think. Citizens taking back your streets and not being shy about it.
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