Target shoppers watch accounts as attorneys watch for damages

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A local attorney said that this cause could make changes inArizona law

Millions of Target shoppers got an unwelcome present thisseason. Miguel Cuevas was among them.

"While I was shopping down 4th Avenue, my cards beganto decline and I wasn't clear of what was happening," Cuevas said.

Cuevas later found an email that told him he was among thedebit card holders who might fall victim to hackers who took aim at Target. Nowhe's watching his accounts as he awaits a new card from Chase.

"This is in the middle of a huge shopping time forholiday gifts and so it was a huge inconvenience," he said.

"You've been harmed at least by having to get newcards, an inconvenience that you can't make withdrawals, limiting how you canuse your own credit cards, these things without even further damage, to me, arethe types of things that you would normally see in a class action," saidattorney Barry Bellovin, Esq.

Bellovin said that he filed a suit years ago when medicalrecords of thousands of people were stolen on computer hard drives. But thecourts decided there were no damages from the theft and ruled against hisclients. He said that people in other states now have cases against Target andif someone files here, it could show the courts in Arizona that they shouldreconsider what defines damages. And Bellovin said that this is about more thancashing in on a big case.

"When you hold accountable and responsible in a civilcourt those who are charged with the protection of this data, and they allow itto be breached and don't take reasonable steps to protect it, then what you'redoing is simply encouraging anyone who has our data to be careful withit," he said.

"I think there's more information that needs to bereleased so that we know what has been compromised and what the scenarios orsituation so that I can better protect myself as a consumer," Cuevas said.

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