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2013 Tucson weather wrap-up

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Overall 2013 was dry and warm for Tucson. 

Check out the complete breakdown of the year's weather by clicking here

for the Tucson National Weather Service climate report. 

After a good July monsoon and a very wet weekend in late November that pushed the rain total numbers up for those months, the deficit from other months was too much to overcome.

Tucson ended the year over 3" below the average yearly rain total.  

However, some areas of Arizona ended the year with above average rainfall.

Douglas was one of the big rain winners this year after a very wet monsoon that caused widespread flood damage near the border.  

Check 2013 rain totals in your neighborhood by clicking here.

Precipitation headlines for 2013 from the Tucson NWS include:

  • Wettest January 26th with 0.71" of rain (old record 0.67" in 1985)
  • Snow on February 20th, 1-3" across the metro area with localized 4" spots
  • 54 consecutive days with no rain (May 7 to June 29)
  • 2.10" Wettest 3 day period of the year (November 21-23)
  • 7th wettest November on record
  • 8th driest Spring on record
  • 8th driest August on record
  • 9th driest March on record
  • 13th straight October with below normal rain

After a chilly start to 2013 in January and February, every following month except October was above average in temperature.

After crunching the numbers, Tucson was 1.5° above average for 2013. 

The average temperatures are based on data from 1981 to 2010.

The warm year is now in the top 5 warmest for the city. 

The weather records in Tucson date back to the late 1890s. 


Av. temperature

1 71.4°
2 71.3° 2012
3 71.2° 2009
4 71.0° 1994
5 70.9°

The image below is from the Tucson National Weather Service (NWS).

The NWS says the "image below shows the cumulative departure from normal calculated through every day of 2013. A you can see the year started cooler than normal. By April 25th, the cumulative departure from normal started above normal and stay above normal for the remainder of 2013."

Temperature headlines for 2013 from the Tucson NWS include:

  • Hottest June on record
  • 2nd warmest March on record
  • 2nd warmest Spring on record
  • 2nd hottest Summer on record
  • 5th hottest August on record
  • 7th warmest November on record
  • 10th warmest April & May on record
  • 10th most number of days of triple digit highs with 74

Warm and dry is not a good combination for fighting drought.  

However, since the start of 2013 the drought conditions have improved across the state. 

Below is the latest U.S. Drought Monitor update.  

Compare that to the U.S. Drought Monitor update released at the start of 2013.

The amount of land in the state affected by drought has gone down over 40% since the start of the year.



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