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Time is ticking to make tax credit donations

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

As 2013 comes to a close, time is running out to make a tax credit donation to public schools and qualified charitable organizations this year.

"We do have people telling us that they simply can't be out of pocket the amount of time between giving us the donation and filing their income tax return," said Pamela Francis, executive director of Educational Enrichment Foundation.

Individuals can donate up to $200 dollars to extracurricular programs at public schools  And they can donate $200 dollars to charities that help students of the working poor.

For those who need more time, Francis reminded them that gradual payroll deductions can be made, and that should be considered next year.  EEF is a charity that focuses on Tucson Unified School District by providing shoes, clothes and participation fees for students.  Francis said that as overrides dwindle and as districts deal with funding cuts, participation fees can go up, and these donations can bridge the gap for students.

"If you engage kids, if you give them something to do, something to engage them and teach them some life skills, you can keep them in school and they will graduate, they'll stay in college and we hope that they stay in Tucson and help us bring back our industry here," Francis said.

Private schools also have tax credit donations, as well as tuition organizations, at $500 for an individual and $1000 for married couple.  Those can still be made by April 15th and applied to this year.

Check the Arizona Department of Revenue guidelines at


Educational Enrichment Foundation is at http://eeftucson.org/support.html



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