Tips for a happy and safe New Year at home

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A night on the town is how many people plan to celebrate New Year's Eve, but some may stay home and host their own party.

Tucson News Now is offering some tips on how to make sure all guests make it home safely.

Keep in mind New Year's Eve is one of the top three worst days of the year to be on the roads, holidays like the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving follow close behind.

Even though a house party may be a more controlled environment, hosts may want to consider a few things to make sure the night ends on a positive note for everyone.

Set up rides for guests – call local cab companies so guests already have rides.

Serve up non-alcoholic alternatives – juice, soda, water (both plain and flavored) for designated drivers and those who don't drink alcohol.

Make sure to have plenty of food, whether serving a meal or just appetizers; make sure guests have something on their stomachs beside alcohol.

Set a time limit for serving alcohol - make sure to stop serving drinks well before the end of the party.

Have a sleep over – let guests stay the night if they want to stay off the roads.

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