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Our wishes for the New Year

It's hard to believe that another year has passed and 2014 is here.  For this week's editorials, I asked the KOLD staff to share their wish list.  Today, the first five, all of which  involve children.   

1. Reduce Poverty.  Tucson and Pima County ranks sixth in the country. Our Food Banks have never been busier and children are going hungry every day.

2. We wish for a community that helps one another and reports when something is wrong.  There have been countless stories of child abuse this year.  Is there something that we could have done?  Here's hoping that good neighbors can report suspicions without fear of retaliation so that lives can be saved. 

3. Fix CPS.  Our wish is for real changes in the system that will impact the safety and security of our children.  So when a neighbor does call in, every claim of abuse is checked.

4. Safe Schools.  There have been too many stories this year of campus shootings.  The government - both state and federal - have to look at changes in our mental health system.

5. It has been a deadly year for our bikers and pedestrians.  We have to make it a priority to slow down and make the roads safe for everyone.

In our next "Think About It" we'll take a look at our final five wishes.  We'd love to hear yours.   Have a happy and safe New Year! 

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