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More wishes for the New Year

This week in our "Think About It" segments, we are sharing the wishes of our staff for 2014.  The first five involved our children. Now the second five look at our economy and politics:

6.  Downtown.  Our wish is that the redevelopment continues.  There have been hundreds of millions of dollars of private money poured into the area.  Let's hope downtown continues to thrive.

7. The modern streetcar.  Yes, it's controversial.  But it's almost ready to roll.  Here's hoping the community supports it.

8.  Politicians working together in Tucson - and everywhere else. Let's hope politicians can end their deep divisions and star working for our community, our state, and our country. 

9. Grow our businesses.  Wouldn't it be great to actually attract new businesses instead of scaring them off?  Wouldn't it be fortunate for us to attract a Fortune 500 company and help keep our children living in Southern Arizona?

10.  We wish for a resolution on the Rosemont Copper Mine.  One way or another, we hope a decision is made this year.

And that's our top 10.  We'd like to hear your wishes for 2014.  Just send an e-mail, letter or comment on Facebook. 

Hope you have a great 2014!

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