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HSSA offers NYE pet safety tips

(Source: Humane Society of Southern Arizona) (Source: Humane Society of Southern Arizona)
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The Humane Society of Southern Arizona asks the public to keep pet safety in mind during New Year's Eve festivities.

Officials said loud celebratory noises might scare pets and could cause them to run away.

The HSSA suggests the following tips:

- Keep pets indoors and, for pets with extreme sensitivity, create a den-like environment if possible such as a crate, room or walk-in closet free of windows

- If you can, stay home with your pet to provide comfort and security

- Turn on a TV or radio to provide soothing sounds that will distract pets from outside noises 

- Make sure pets have a well-fitted collar and identification tags

Officials said the HSSA and Pima Animal Care Center generally have an increase in pets on Jan. 1, so check with them tomorrow if a pet escapes. The HSSA's Lost and Found Department can be reached at (520) 327-6088, ext. 111; or call PACC at (520) 793-5900.

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