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Poverty project getting some help from U of A

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Just three years ago Tucson had the eighth highest poverty rate among large metro areas, at more than 18 percent.  After that Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild created a group to reduce that number and they are getting some help from the U of A.

A commission has been put in place to help find ways to reduce poverty with the U of A helping the project with a year-long research study.

There are two phases for the poverty project – the goal will be to get answers to the following three questions:

-Why is the poverty rate high in the Tucson area? 

-Is the rate a misleading number of how people really are doing in the area? 

-What can Tucson do to make things better for the poor? 

Phase one of the research project is to identify policies, programs and strategies that have helped the poor.  This includes looking at other cities like New York and San Antonio to see what programs worked there and maybe implement them in Tucson. 

The U of A will contribute half of the cost to the research project and the Tucson Poverty Commission will cover the other half. 

Phase two of the project is a class at the U of A. 

The final report from the university will be delivered to the mayor's office this August.

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