Second AZ resident claims $1 million win

MESA, AZ (Tucson News Now) - In a recent announcement from the Arizona Lottery, a Mesa resident claims Arizona's second Mega Millions second place $1 million prize.

According to the release the win was from the Christmas Eve drawing; winner Audel Acevedo had purchased his ticket at a local Fry's Food Store in Maricopa, but due to the holidays forgot about it until a few days ago.

Acevedo remembered the ticket and decided to take them to the store to be checked; he wasn't bothered when the store clerk told him he needed to redeem his ticket at the Lottery office.  He figured he had won $1,000, not figuring on the bigger $1 million prize.  Acevedo and his family were shocked about the bigger prize and plan on spending the money wisely – giving back to the community, investing and taking the family to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

"We are thrilled that Arizona has claimed another second prize Mega Millions win, especially during the holiday season," said Karen Bach, director of budget, products, and communications for the Arizona Lottery, in the recent release. "We expect to see an increase in new millionaires statewide in the coming months due to the recent Mega Millions redesign."

The Mega Millions game was redesigned in October to have faster growing jackpots, a $1 million second prize and better overall odds of winning any prize, while remaining $1 per ticket.  The next drawing is January 3.

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