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AAA Arizona recaps 2013 gas prices, projects costs for 2014

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Tucson holds the lowest fuel prices in the state, despite recently higher pump prices across Arizona due to elevated crude costs and regional refinery issues.

Arizonans saw a spike of 4.3 cents in the past week to an average of $3.191 per gallon, while the national average rose 5.7 cents to $3.325 per gallon, officials said.

Tucsonans are pumping gas at an average of $3.108 per gallon, while Flagstaff has the most expensive fuel in the state at $3.366 per gallon, according to AAA Arizona.

"2013 was a pretty mild year for gas prices," Director of communications and public affairs for AAA Arizona Linda Gorman stated in a news release. "We anticipate that prices will likely average slightly less in 2014, especially as cars grow more fuel efficient and refineries expand production."

2013 saw an overall drop in fuel prices, compared to 2012. AAA Arizona reports the following statistics:  

- Arizona's 2013 average fuel price was $3.40. This is 17 cents less than Arizona's 2012 average fuel price of $3.57.

- Arizona's highest fuel price in 2013 was $3.75, which occurred March 3. This is 15 cents less than the state's 2012 high fuel price of $3.90.

- The state's lowest fuel price for 2013 was $3.03, which is about 3 cents less than the 2012 low price of $3.06.

- The statewide average spent 102 days at $3.25 or less; 170 days from $3.26 to $3.50; and 93 days of $3.51 to $3.75.

AAA officials project gas prices to drop this year.

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