Gun reform forum at Loft Cinema

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Tucson is hosting an eventtoday that will focus on two topics many consider important – gun control andmental health.  There will be severalpanelists sharing their opinions during the free event, being held at LoftCinema.

Panelists will include survivorsfrom Virginia Tech and the January 8 mass shooting here in Tucson, as well aslaw enforcement and local elected officials.

Activities will start witha viewing of the documentary 'Living for 32', based on the 2007 Virginia Techmassacre.  The film was created by ColinGoddard, a Virginia Tech survivor who used a hidden camera to show how easy itis to purchase a firearm without a background check.

Tucson News Now spokerecently with Stephen Brigham, President of the January 8 Memorial Foundationabout the event.

"I think it is animportant thing to do, to not only understand what's happening nationally withmental health and gun control, so forth, but what are we doing to honor thattragedy that took place here," stated Brigham.

The panelists will bespeaking after the screening this evening, on the issues of mental health andgun control; about having local law enforcement work with mental health groupsso that people who need treatment, can get it.

The screening andpresentation are free and open to the public.

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