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Third Tucson streetcar arrival could mean hiring soon

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Another addition to the Tucson Streetcar fleet arrived Tuesday morning and workers have been testing the modern streetcars along 4th Avenue and downtown, checking for technical issues and preparing to hire conductors.

In addition to making sure the streetcar is functioning properly along the tracks supervisors who are now training are also learning to deal with cars, pedestrians and bicyclists on the road in order to teach and guide conductors who they plan to hire in March and April.

Workers encountered some technical issues while training, including problems with the wires above the streetcars. However, Sun Link General Manager Steve Bethel said the issues will be fixed and are not expected to delay the project.

At the Streetcar warehouse in Midtown, technicians are busy conducting safety checks and making sure all the parts are working properly on the third car that came in Tuesday morning. Five more cars are expected to roll into Tucson over the next several months for a total of eight.

The project is expected to cost about $200 million.

Sun Link officials expect the streetcar to be fully operational by the summer.

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