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Changes made to policies by medical teams and first responders

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The medical community and first responders say they have changed the way they respond to emergencies since the January 8 shooting. 

These two communities realized that their mass trauma system was solid, but events after the shooting showed where there could be improvements made.

UAMC was able to use its prior experience with helping multiple patients in a crisis situation, though the January 8 shooting was one of the largest number of patients the facility had to deal with at a single time.

Changes made since include communication among the medical staff, putting an ‘active shooter' procedure in place so people are educated on what to do in similar situations.  The hospital has added a TV to the ER so the nurse responsible for communicating with EMS is more aware of what is happening at the scene, mainly through live TV news reports.

There is also tightened security when it comes to high-profile patients and any visitors but there's also a new system that rapidly clears a visitor to a patient in critical care so family members waste no time in seeing their loved ones.

Tucson Fire has also found a way to make an improvement to their procedures, with speeding up triage out in the field.  TFD researched and bought a new system that did away with tags to fill out and instead uses color coordinated ribbons – red meaning severely injured, needs immediate help; yellow meaning injured but is able to wait for treatment, and green meaning treated and can be released.

UAMC is continuing their efforts to serve the community, but the hospital is always looking for ways it can improve. 

Mental health treatment received a boost as well after the shooting, with an increase in funding, more people than ever are able to receive treatment they need.

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