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New wastewater plant promises no more stinky smell

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Many people on the west side are not surprised to tell you they're used to stinky smells. Ashley Felicione lives and works off Flowing Wells near the old Roger Road plant, which is known for leaving a bad smell in the air for decades. Ashley says co workers always complain about it: "Yeah, they would make the comment, 'the sweet stench of Miracle Mile.'"

Well, now the odor should be a thing of the past, thanks to a brand new state of the art facility just north of the old plant. The Agua Nueva Facility has new equipment that is able to capture the odors and clean the gases produced in the process. It doesn't just smell better, but it looks better, too. The new facility has a more modern look and does not look like an old industrial waste plant.

The old Roger Road plant officially closed down this week and no water is flowing into the plant. All the flow is either going to the Agua Nueva facility or down to the upgraded facility on Ina Road. According to Pima County's Wastewater director Jackson Jenkins the water quality is better, "It is a much better product and it has a maximum potential for reuse in the community, but it's not drinking water."

The new facility is part of the largest capital improvement program the county's ever undertaken.The county is ahead of schedule and under budget more than 100 million dollars on the program. In the spring, a news conference will be held to highlight the Roger Road facilities six-decade-long contributions to the community and the completion of regulatory requirements under the Regional Optimization Master Plan.

Now with the old Roger Road plant closed down the county is in the beginning stages of deciding what to do with the 45 acre site.  They are speaking with the University of Arizona and other businesses to decide on options. There is still some clean up to be done at the old plant and residents might still catch some odor in the area for the next six months.

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