Marana Police warn off-road enthusiasts about trespassing

MARANA, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The fences should be sending a message.

But some aren't getting it.

Now Marana Police are making an effort to keep people off the site of new outlet mall, located just east of Interstate 10 at Twin Peaks Road.

More than anything else what we're seeing is continued ATV use on this property, even though the fences are up and there are signs telling people to stay away.

Last week, in fact, somebody drove through the fence surrounding the property.

That's why Marana Police are now cracking down on anybody who might be trespassing.

Some old habits are hard to break.

That's apparently what's happening at the site of Marana's newest retail shopping center north of Tucson.

Even though the 169 acre parcel is clearly posted as private property, people continue to drive through on their four-wheelers and ATVs.

And in some cases, they're doing quite a bit of damage.

As a result, Marana police are upping their presence out here considerably.

So if you're caught trespassing or vandalizing the property in any way, you could end up having your vehicle seized along with a whole host of civil and criminal citations.

"We just want to get the word out that this area's no longer an area where people can come out and ride their ATVs," says Sgt. Jose Alvarez of Marana Police Department.

"We're working with the company that owns it to put up some signing, no trespassing signs. And once those are up we're gonna be enforcing no trespassing basically anybody that's caught here doing that kind of activity -- they're subject to being arrested," he says.

As for the shopping center itself, we're told this will be a higher-end outlet like some of those currently in Greater Phoenix.

It's still very early in the development phase, but Marana leaders are very excited about it.

Best case scenario, some of the shops could opening in the latter part of next year.

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