Restrictions in place for hikers during Bighorn Sheep breeding

Hikers using trails in Catalina State Park should be aware of restrictions in place to protect Bighorn Sheep during lambing season.

Many of the trails in Catalina State Park wind into forest land where the restrictions are in place.

From now until the end of April, those using the trails are not allowed to wander off more than 400 feet from trails.

Also, dogs are not allowed into Bighorn Sheep management areas year round on U.S. Forest Service land, but forest officials say it is especially crucial this time of year because the sheep see the dogs as a threat.

Additionally, campsites on forest land cannot have more than 15 people during the day and no more than six people at night.

If you are caught not following the restrictions in place, you could face thousands of dollars in fines or even prison time.

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