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Pronghorn antelope released in Southern AZ

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

41 Pronghorn antelope have been released Wednesday in two areas southeast of Tucson. It is part of an effort to revive local pronghorn populations that have all but vanished due to drought and development.

 The antelope now roaming through open space in Southern Arizona come from New Mexico through efforts by Arizona Game and Fish and the Arizona Antelope Foundation.

Arizona Game and Fish Wildlife Manager, Brad Fulk, says they chose the release locations intentionally, "We selected this site because of its openness, it's got great water, great habitat."

The antelope released Wednesday morning in the San Raphael Valley and near Elgin were a bit shy to leave at first, but eventually each one made their way to their new home.

The Arizona Antelope Foundation has been working for about three years to make this happen. They have focused on eliminating some of the obstacles the antelope face such as ensuring there is adequate water and food in the area. Additionally, the foundation has modified fences along ranches in the area so antelope can pass through them more easily.

Students from Tombstone High School will help keep an eye on the creatures using GPS technology. They will monitor the animal's movements, in addition to testing water and grass levels to see how the antelope are adapting to the environment.

More antelope are expected to arrive in Southern Arizona in the next coming weeks.

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