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Update: Little league coach who sued his own player speaks

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TODAY'S MOST UPDATE: The little league baseball coach who sued his own player spoke for the first time. Dr. Allen Beck says, "I feel like a victim because basically I tried to work this out with the parents. The parents never acknowledged my injury." Beck says a player through off his helmet in celebration, and that led to the coach tearing his achilles tendon. Beck admits he didn't see exactly who threw the helmet, and his lawyer admits whoever did it certainly didn't do it on purpose. Beck also says he only wanted $20,000 to cover the injury, he didn't realize his own lawyer asked for over $500,000 in the lawsuit.


TODAY'S MOST...bizarre lawsuit: A little-league baseball coach sued his own player for hitting him with a helmet during a celebration. Alan Beck wants $600,000 in damages because he says his achilles tendon was torn by the flying helmet.
The incident happened near Sacramento, California. Beck's lawyer says the kid didn't hit the coach on purpose, but claims "what the kid did, it crosses the line."
Here's the reaction of the player's father, "At first I thought it was joke. "Now, I think it's absurd." The father says his 14-year old son was on his way home to score the winning run in a game last spring when he threw off his helmet.
Beck was a volunteer coach. He's suing for pain and suffering, plus lost wages and medical bills. 

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