Road fix may be coming

The roads in Pima County and Tucson have been allowed to deteriorate in the past few years I part because the state broke a promise.

The state constitution says all gas tax revenues will be used to fix and maintain roads.

But starting in 2006, state lawmakers started using the money to help balance the state budget.

The roads have gone downhill ever since.

But now that the state is sporting a nearly $900 million surplus, there may be a change of heart.

There seems to be a consensus at the state legislature "that we're not going to steal that money anymore," according to District 9 State Senator Steve Farley.

Even some Republicans, such as the Governor, seem inclined to agree.

"I'm going to release my budget on Friday, so stay tuned," Governor Jan Brewer told News 13 when asked if she would support restoring the gas tax.

That was not exactly a yes answer but the buzz at the state Capitol is that she will.

"It's time to get the money back on the roads," says District 11 Representative Adam Kwasman.

"In 2013 we've patched 6,500 potholes," says Pima County Transportation Director Priscilla Cornelio. "I'd pave the whole road if we had the money."