Day 3 of TPD sweep for Isabel Celis

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Friday, Jan. 17, is the third day of the police sweep, with special patrols taking place in the neighborhood where Isabel Celis disappeared nearly two years ago.

Dozens of police officers are expected back on the streets, going door to door and interviewing neighbors and hoping to uncover any new information.

According to Tucson Police the effort so far has netted several new leads and is going faster than police anticipated.  TPD initially stated they would patrol through the weekend, but they recently stated they would be finished by Saturday night.

Tucson News Now caught up with Sergio Celis, Isabel's father, who stated he hoped the revamped search efforts and a fresh set of eyes helps detectives bring his daughter home.

"Of course it's more than welcome and we wish it would've been done earlier if that's the direction this was going to take."

So far Sergio and his wife Becky have not been interviewed by detectives.

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