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Fourth Avenue Street Fair revises layout to turn away fewer vendors

TUCSON (Tucson News Now) - The layout of the Fourth Avenue Street Fair is changing again, after haggling between city leaders and organizers over construction and streetcar testing that had derailed vendors from available spots.

The Fourth Avenue Merchants Association unveiled a new configuration for the fair which diverts some of the merchants onto 7th Street.  According to FAMA, 54 additional artists would be placed on 7th Street, and a food court that's usually on that street would be eliminated to make room.  One of the music stages is also going to make room for several food vendors.  Also going: display areas for large sponsors.

Originally, 70 vendors were in danger of losing their spots at the street fair this March, which would lead to lead to a loss of about $50,000 in revenue for the merchant's association.

In a press release, FAMA says the net result is that there will be "14 fewer artists, four to six fewer food vendors participating in the street fair, as well as a substantial reduction in financial support fro potential mobile marketing sponsors."

FAMA and the city have been at odds over streetcar testing during March, which would run into the fair's usual layout.  The merchant's association had been asking the city to suspend four days of testing.  City leaders said the four days would put the project further behind.  In addition, a construction project was threatening to block several of the points where people get into and out of the fair.

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