Players Program blueprint

Tucson, AZ (KOLD) - Sean Miller's first day as Arizona's head coach was April 6, 2009. Days later during his intitial press conference, after two interim coaches and two disastrous recruiting seasons, I asked Sean Miller what his approach might be to fix the recruiting landslide. His answer never had anything to do with him, but referring to the program as being "All about the players."

That always stuck with me, especially now that the Miller era has been branded a "Players Program," it's all over the walls at McKale, just take a look.

Since that introductory press conference Miller has stayed true to his mantra putting players first and more specifically, finding the right players for the program. Sure there were some guys that bucked the trend for lack of a better way to put it. Josiah Turner, Sidiki Johnson, and Daniel Bejarano head that class, but there's not many.

Flash forward to this past Monday where I asked Miller to reflect on his playing days and what it might be like to play with the current group of guys on his roster. Once again his answer had nothing to do about him, it was all about... a "player's program."

Click on the video link above to hear Miller describe how this current group has a unique blend of unselfishness and freaky talent, a combo that has them currently sitting in the NCAA penthouse.