Different spin to Visit Tucson's new tourism campaign

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Tucson is changing the way they look at attracting visitors to the city, and it has launched a new campaign that targets a younger traveler.

The tag line for the campaign is 'Free Yourself' and it is really trying to resonate and connect with young, active adults from 25 to 54.  This is a different spin from the city's former campaign that focused on marketing to visitors 55 and older.

Visit Tucson officials call the 55 and older audience its 'sweet spot', but research recently shows that a younger audience is what is needed.

According to Allison Cooper, the Vice President of Marketing for Visit Tucson the idea is to bring in younger people and show them what the city has in terms of outdoor recreation – like cycling and hiking.  There seems to be an untapped market for these type of tourists in Southern Arizona, where the tourism is a $3 billion dollar industry.  Tucson gets seven million visitors every year, with winter being the high or peak season.

To show how pumped Visit Tucson is about this new campaign, it has been running an ad in the U.S. Airways Magazine since December.

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