U.S. Consulate issues warning for travelers to Agua Prieta

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The new director of Homeland Security will be visiting Southern Arizona today, in the wake of more across the border violence.

It was this violence that prompted the U.S. Consulate to issue an alert to travelers, warning them not to travel to Agua Prieta, Mexico at night.

Officials in the Consulate believe there could be more violence and firefights in the city, with the most recent shootings taking place on Monday night.

According to Mexican media reports a man was hospitalized and another arrested due to the recent shootings.  The latest firefight happened during a high speed chase between federal police and several suspects, according to police officials, the officers were shot at while the chase was going on.

Another earlier shooting took place over the weekend, on Saturday January 18, eight people were killed during a drug cartel shootout.

Cochise County Sheriff's deputies remain on high alert, to make sure the violence does not cross over the border into the U.S.

For travelers who frequent the area more information can be found at http://nogales.usconsulate.gov/information_for_travelers/emergency-messages-for-u.s.-citizens

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