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Public should have say in funding for no-kill shelter

There is a strong push to make Pima Animal Care Center a no-kill shelter.  But the question is whether we're willing to pay for that. 

Abandoned animals at the county shelter used to be euthanized after 72 hours. Now it is months.  But the shelter is out of space and some animals are being housed in a tent.

This week we learned of a plan to save feral cats. Unlike domestic cats, feral cats can't be tamed or adopted. So, until recently they were just killed.

Now Pima County is hoping for a private grant to sterilize the feral cats and put them back where they were caught. This would keep the no-kill numbers up and keep the cat population numbers down.

Pima County will find out if it gets the grant later this month.  But that's a short term solution, and we have a bigger problem.

Moving to a no-kill shelter isn't cheap.  And if that's what the public wants, the shelter needs more funding.

It's time to put this matter to a vote and let the public decide.  If we want to save the animals, we need to step up to the plate and be ready to pay.

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