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Aussie Cantina launches 'suspended' meals

Aussie Cantina's suspended meals program (Source: Aussie Cantina Facebook page) Aussie Cantina's suspended meals program (Source: Aussie Cantina Facebook page)
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A local eatery has kicked off its ‘suspended meal' program, designed to help the less fortunate.

The Aussie Cantina came up with the idea after hearing about a coffee shop back east that had several customers buy their coffee and then purchase a ‘suspended' one.  This meant that those less fortunate, who went into the shop and asked if there were any suspended drinks received one of the free coffees. 

After reading about the suspended coffees in Connecticut and how it worked at coffee shops in Spain, Ismael Rascon, the Executive Chef at Aussie Cantina decided why not come up with a similar idea, but with meals. 

"I've been through challenging times in my life and if there was a program like that, I would have loved it,"  said Rascon in a recent news release.

Aussie Cantina (1118 E. 6th Street) is launching their new ‘suspended' meal program and is asking customers - if they can - to donate $5 to buy a ‘suspended' meal for someone in need.  According to Rascon that money will buy one person a sausage roll, a bottle of water and a bag of potato chips. 

Their first delivery of meals to the homeless was on Jan. 28 at the Trinity Presbyterian Church, via their Aussie Roll food truck.  The ultimate goal of the eatery is to partner with an organization to help get meals out to Tucson's less fortunate.

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