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Pueblo's Rusk likes to shake things up

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Pueblo High School's world history teacher, Sally Rusk, brings 23 years of experience to the classroom. In that time, her teaching has evolved. She says in her class it's not all about memorizing dates and events. She's playing a part in building students' character.

"I don't believe in worksheets," Rusk said.

Today's lesson takes her students around the world.

They make stops in India, Australia and South Africa.

Once their travels are done, it's time to analyze and reflect on our world's history. That's where Gandhi's words of wisdom come to play.

"We have to focus on our students' lives and we have them reflect," Rusk said. "I learn so much from them, too."

They're taking quotes from Gandhi and applying them to their own lives.

And each student translates things very differently.

From personal heartache…

"My dad was in the hospital a couple months ago and he always would tell me that, as long as he was OK, we would be fine," sophomore Guadalupe Ortiz said. "We didn't need all the money in the world to be happy."

To standing up for what's right and not following the crowd…

"We would be in class and they would talk back to teachers and I would think that's pretty cool and then I'd follow them cause they seem cool," said sophomore Jasmine Vaca.

While there's plenty to do in class, there's also plenty of homework.

Mrs. Rusk wants her students to try, even if the assignment's turned in late.

"I am playing basketball right now and she wants to keep me eligible so I can keep playing," sophomore Danielle Orozco said.

It's all about furthering their education.

"So much better for the student to do the work, even if it is late," Rusk said. "I want everybody to at least have that option to feel the confidence to go on with their education."

Rusk said she switches things up so much in her class because she wants to stay culturally relevant and really wants her students to learn and feed off of one another.

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