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University High School's Lazarewicz likes to get creative

Adam Lazarewicz Adam Lazarewicz
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A psychology teacher at University High School really uses some interesting exercises to make definitions come alive.

Adam Lazarewicz - or Mr. Laz, as his students call him – says every day he walks into his class he's balancing being a teacher, a mentor and an entertainer.

So students will see some random stuff in there.

In one exercise, a student tries to figure out that he needs to open an umbrella, hop on one foot, spin around and go to the back of the classroom – all without verbal cues from his classmates.

"So many high school students sit in class saying to themselves, ‘Why do I need to know this? Who cares?'" Lazarewicz said.

In Mr. Laz's class, "Who cares?" is the most important question you can ask.

"If I'm teaching something and they are sitting there saying, ‘Who cares? Why should I care about this?' they need to raise their hand and ask me that because I've missed the mark somewhere and we need to make sure they see why we care," he said.

So what is the point of the exercise described above in which the student acted like he's in the musical "Singing in the Rain?"

"As he teaches, I'm able to take more away because he's interactive with the entire class instead of a straight-forward lecture," Junior Sean Finn said.

So it's a win for Mr. Laz. This random lesson worked.

They may work a little too well.

"So many kids come out of his class wanting to major in psychology and they get to college and are disappointed because he is so inspiring and passionate about everything he teaches," Senior Jason Freeberg said.

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