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More than 900 CPS cases uninvestigated in Pima County

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

We now know just how many uninvestigated CPS cases happened right here in Pima County: 906 of the 6,500.

That's 906 tips called in about child abuse and neglect that were never looked into. The team put in place by Governor Jan Brewer to look into this gross mishap was released today.

This new report says that all uninvestigated cases are now assigned but the new department that will oversee child abuses cases has a lot to learn.

The 53-page report released by the child advocate response examination team sheds light on the 6,554 cases that were classified as not investigated. Since Gov. Brewer put this panel together, all cases have been assigned. 60 percent are now active cases.

"You know that's a black eye, but that really is not anything new," said Kathie Rau, executive director of Southern Arizona Children's Advocacy Cente.

Rau said CPS has always had issues that stack up against investigations. The report goes on to say that 414 children have been removed from their homes and that 330 cases had two or more reports in its file…

"That is scary, and it's also scary the number of dropped calls their getting at the hotline."

The report found that workers weren't able to keep up with the phone calls coming into the abuse hotline. 3200 calls came in every week. But only 2,350 of the calls were answered. Which means hundreds of cases could go uninvestigated.

"I had a grandmother that was concerned about her grandchildren. We tried to make a report on the hotline, but we stayed on hold for over an hour."

The report lists several issues with how this happened: lack of clear hand offs, inexperienced supervisors, ineffective management, not enough review and training and recommendations on fixing those problems…

"My concern is their top four concerns on the care team recommendations appeared back in 2003 and 2011. So that tells me these concerns have already been recognized."

The report goes on to say that at this point, 672 cases have been officially closed.

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