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New Chaplains program is coming to the CCSO

COCHISE COUNTY, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The Cochise County Sheriff's Office is helping to develop a new program to assist deputies with families who have suffered a traumatic event or loss.

CCSO Chaplain Doug Packer is working on the Chaplain's Response Team (CRT).  The CRT program will have chaplains across the county working together, under the direction of Chaplain Packer, to assist with the following situations:  Death notifications; suicide threats, attempts and completions; deaths of children; fatal accidents; SWAT operations; violent crimes against people; sex crimes; conduct memorial services; visit sick and injured CCSO personnel at home or in the hospital; attend and participate in funerals of active as well as retired members of CCSO;  do regular ride-a-longs with deputies; periodically attend roll calls or briefings; participate in ‘in-service' training classes as attendees or instructors;

These will be in addition to the assisting with the family death notification of a CCSO deputy who has been injured or died on duty.

The chaplains will also counsel CCSO officers and families with personal problems, marriage and family, stress, etc., according to their authorized level of training; they will be on call and on the street during any major demonstration in the city or any public function requiring the presence of a large number of Law Enforcement personnel.

The chaplains will also attend departmental graduations, promotions, award ceremonies, dinners, social events, and offer invocations and benedictions, as well as officially represent CCSO as requested and be responsible for the organization and development of the spiritual organizations in the CCSO.

"The fact that CCSO has a paid chaplain allows us to utilize this position to the fullest. This program will be an excellent replacement for the now defunct Victim/Witness response team and will aid our personnel in dealing with those victims or citizens who need help the most," stated CCSO Sheriff Dannels, in a recent CCSO release.  "Chaplain Packer is a dedicated employee who will develop the volunteers in this unit and I am confident that they will be a dynamic team."

With 50 new volunteers for the jail ministry, Chaplain Packer stated that program will continue has it has since 1997, and it will enable him to set-up and lead the CRT.

"We have been developing this program (CRT) since Sheriff Dannels was elected and with his support we are excited to now see this program come to life," said Chaplain Packer. 

For those interested in being a part of the CRT please contact Chaplain Packer at (520) 432-7581 or by email at

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